CSAT Podcast: 002- Finding a Mentor

CSAT Pocast 002: Finding a Mentor

Finding a mentor can be extremely important. Having someone to help you set goals and to represent what is possible can give you motivation and direction in your life and career. Mentoring is something that is unfortunately very rare within Creative Services, even within companies. Often a Creative will find themselves without someone in the company that represents their next step or their end game, particularly In-house Creatives who may not have an Art Director or Senior person supervising them, but instead some general mid-level manager.


But don’t despair, there is hope! Technology has made mentoring a scalable and virtual experience. By shadowing successful mentors online you have choice instead of just being limited to the best person you have physical access to. You can learn from the most successful people in your industry, or someone with a similar background or lifestyle. While this means you may not have direct access to them, it is no less valuable to be able to consume their content and adopt their mentality and approach to your own process.


Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, a photographer, filmmaker, writer or graphic designer; there are mentors putting out content that will be helpful to you and sharing their life journey. Many of them do interact with their followers through social media, such as Twitter and YouTube specifically.


Also, many Creatives fail to realize they have the opportunity to be a mentor to someone else. Whatever you feel you are lacking in experience, there is likely someone out there who can benefit from the knowledge you do have, so I would encourage you to share as much as possible and to pass on the value of what you have learned.


Who knows if that one piece of advice or content might change someone’s entire life?


  1. Yan says:

    I have to say I love it keep up the awesome creative work. 🙂

  2. Elaine says:

    Is it possible to need more than one mentor? Is it crazy to think, I need a team or a number of experts to help me
    “Create Something Awesome” Today? I’ve created my work using old equipment, waiting for new technology and affordable, equipment to become available, to handle the expanding ram memory and growth I desire, as my works go into the Future, ready to Last for Generations and Generations, showing the result of, how I see math, language, art, science, mystery…….. of changing words into numbers….. into designs. The Vision of is different for each viewer, because no two people view the same picture alike. It’s been fun creating for years…… the hard part is, getting over the idea, of sorting Millions upon Millions of Files ……of Creativity that has to be sorted, dated, re-registered after being updated with modern coloring, resize, pricing, etc…

    1. You may need more than one mentor. But that is the advantage of virtual mentorship. You can follow people for various reasons. I follow Gary Vaynerchuk as a marketing and business mentor. Jared Polin as a photographer and creative business mentor. Scott Kelby as a Photographer and Retoucher. Terry White as a Tech Enthusiast, and Photographer. There is no reason that you can’t benefit from a team.

      1. Elaine says:

        Great advice.
        My expertise is in mathematical graphics and music, seeking to joint venture with photographers, desiring to explore the creativity of their works, into the frame work of my designs.
        No two photographers take the same depth of character or field in their works ….. with colors and shadow, this would increase the value of both our works, on a larger scale of “C……. Something Awesome ….. ” in your words…..
        Name of Jesus designs, on my YouTube Channel:
        Each of us have His or Her own patterns of mathematical designs.
        The Video has Math Design and MathMusic created by me, joined together for the purpose of making the YouTube.
        There is a part of me that thinks “Enough is Enough. Don’t change anything. The first process is the Best……”
        Should one leave well enough alone?
        The Biggest step for me was creating the YouTube.

  3. Elaine says:

    Thanks for being the Mentor and Mirror that speaks the Truth in our languages of Creativity. There is an awesome reflection seen over and over through your works in “Creating Something Awesome Today” giving us reason to work harder and stay on course. The Light of your attention to detail, shows in your advice, as a guidance through many forms of Media, you share with the world….. I am honored to add you higher on my list of Brothers from Another Mother…. Dear Heart we are Blessed because of your Deeds and Service to yourself and others. You are and continue to be the gift and answer so many “CREATIVES” are looking for …… through your works.
    I am so glad to ………. find people like you.

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