You’ve heard it before that “consistency is the key to success” right? It’s so easy to be consistent. Set aside the same amount of time during the same time of the day and get the task done that you need to accomplish.


What about those days that you wake up not feeling as though you are able to get your work done.

Not because you don’t want to get them done but because you’re remembering a conversation with your parents or a friend telling you that your aspirations are too risky or unstable.

That you’ll have to find a real job once the well that is your freelance career dries up.

That you can’t make it without the corporate ladder.

That the beaten path is beaten for a reason.


You remember these things once you sit down sending another query letter.

You remember these things as you look to trade out pieces of your portfolio wondering if it’s attractive enough.

You remember these things as your pipeline starts to shrink and you’re uncertain about the deals you have in place.

You remember these things… and then you get upset, unmotivated, and unsure of the talent that you’ve spent years to curate and dispense to the world who is in need of what you have to offer.


Have you ever been there? I certainly have.


What can you do about it? How do you stay productive in the face of a world that wants you to be happy doing the bare minimum; in a world that wants you to be happy doing the very same things that they’re doing and nothing more? No freedom… no deviation.


You must be consistently confident.

You MUST ¬†hold the same level of confidence when work is good and you’re in your groove and when work is rocky and the future is uncertain.

During the latter your confidence will be tested the most. That’s when you need to use the negative conversations of some of those around you as fuel to succeed and do your best.

Just do it. Go out there and work your ass off KNOWING that it’ll pay off.

It will. Hard work always pays off. Always.

When things are good —¬†KEEP GOING.

When things are cloudy — KEEP GOING.

Just KEEP GOING. No matter what.

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