Month: November 2015

Adversity; we’ve all been there — who hasn’t?

Sometimes it becomes tough to believe in anything positive. When feeling hopeless how can you possibly take that feeling and really Create Awesome?

Well, let’s talk about a few:

  1. Get around some positive people. Your surroundings mean so much when trying to Create Awesome, when you’re trying to get out of the funk, when you’re trying to get rolling again. Get around some people who will not just tell you that everything is okay but also be a support system for when you do have those ideas to act on.
  2. Go on a quiet walk. And more importantly, while on that walk bring along some positive affirmations. This takes effort! It will feel silly, but you must talk to yourself. Tell yourself: “I can do it!”, “I am worth it!”, “I am going to make it!”. Say it with conviction! Even if it’s fake at first keep doing it! Just keep doing it! Then, sit in silence. Whether you’re in a park or on a trial with the beautiful fall leaves & crisp air, just sit there and take in the beautiful surroundings. Take it in and know that everything is going to be alright! Because it will be alright.
  3. Just Create Awesome. Do something. Whether it’s for your own passions and ideas or for someone else. Doing tasks that propel you forward in the direction of your ambitions will make you feel amazing. Celebrate each and every success. Be happy about it, no matter how small, it is worth being joyous about. Create Awesome for others. Those moments will also make you feel good. To help others is to help yourself and to help yourself is to help others.

Create Awesome and adversity will soon become Awesome. Just keep the positive affirmations and the positive company and your life will become awesome again. Just dedicate yourself  to that which you care about the most and keep moving forward!

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