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Create Something Awesome Today Podcast Episode 12: How to Grow Your Audience From Zero SHOW NOTES Awesome Creator of the Day Shout Out: Charlie Marie Prangely Resources Mentioned in this Podcast: Webhosting: (affiliate) Email Marketing: (affiliate) YouTube SEO: (affiliate) Books Mentioned In this Podcast Episode: Start With Why By Simon Sinek Ask Gary Vee Book by Gary Vaynerchuk:

CSAT PODCAST 011 Curiosity Grows Creativity SHOWNOTES FOR THIS EPISODE: The landscape of creativity and marketing is changing because of things like Pokemon GO and Augmented Reality, VR and Snapchat. Curiosity is essential to growing your creativity and being in a position to take advantage of new opportunities as a creative professional. RESOURCE LINKS: Build a Website without Coding: Read Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins 1000 Free Fonts Get 2 Free Books from Audible: Secret Link of the Day:

CSAT Podcast- 009 Why You Need a Personal Brand. Personal Branding is more important than it has ever been for your career, freelance business and your life. I don’t care if you want work for someone for the rest of eternity… you need a personal brand. The job market is isn’t exactly stable or reliable. A Personal Brand positions you for the next job, and can give you an income in between jobs, or let you quit a job you hate and do something you love.

CSAT Podcast 007: Should You Ever Work For Free? Creatives like photographers, designers, writer and artists are approached sometimes to do free work or work in exchange for exposure. This is a very important and controversial topic in the Creative Community. I feel that there are situations where it is appropriate, but I think that in most situations it should be the Creator who initiates it. I think that when companies ask for free work they are not valuing Creatives appropriately if they don’t find a meaningful way to compensate them.

Create Something Awesome Today Podcast: 006 Breaking Through Creative Blocks. Creative blocks can challenge all of us whether we are writing, doing photography, art or design.

It’s important to feed your creativity and break out of habits that might end up holding you back.
Stretch your creative muscles and feed your creativity by trying new things and having new experiences.

The Create Something Awesome Today Podcast is hosted by Graphic Designer, Author and Marketer Roberto Blake. This podcast features motivation, education and guidance for any creative individual looking to learn, grow and live the creative life they’ve always dreamed of.

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