Month: February 2017

Originality is Both Under-priced But Overrated

People are chasing this magical unicorn of originality and trying to reinvent the wheel. This leads to them taking unnecessary risk on something unproven that the market won’t accept, instead of adapting or building on an existing idea for which there is a demand. It’s because of some of the vanity involved in being a creative person. The market doesn’t like risk and it’s hard to explain something new, and you can’t assume that people will like it or get it right away. But if you work with an idea they already understand and make it your own, you’ve struck gold. This is why originality is both, under-priced, but overrated. The emotional attachment to it is high, but the true demand in the marketplace for it, tells another story. It’s why instead of using new talent and unknowns, blockbuster films that sellout the theaters cast top talent and headliners.

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Grow Your Audience from Zero

Many of you have asked me how you can grow and audience when everything has already been done and nobody knows who you are. Ultimately you have to be willing to accept that when you’re just getting started that you’ll have to focus on quality and on understanding what it would take to reach you. Making unique and interesting content doesn’t always mean you have to do something original or something that nobody else has done. Plenty of people have grown an audience of thousands or even millions by adding something to the community or conversation from their perspective, or by providing representation.

Create Something Awesome Today Podcast Episode 12:
How to Grow Your Audience From Zero

Awesome Creator of the Day Shout Out: Charlie Marie Prangely

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