Create Awesome Challenge 1: Accountability Partners

One of the things that many creatives who fly solo struggle with is meeting deadlines, even if this comes to their personal goals. Execution is important, but being timely is a real concern. 80% on time will always be better than 100% late. When you are freelancing, one of the pitfalls is a lack of accountability. You don’t have someone you are directly answerable to.

A way around this is to find Accountability Partners. These are others you can share your goals with, while not worrying about jeopardizing your business. Typically these will be close friends, family or colleagues.

Create Awesome Challenge #1

Find your Accountability Partners. Find people who you can trust and who will help you stay on task. They are not just supposed to give you reminders about your deadlines, but genuinely inquire as to the progress and help you move forward if you’re stuck. You also have to be willing and able to do the same for them in return.

Ideally you will want to have 3-4 Accountability partners, so that you can always be sure there will be someone to rake you over the coals if you drop the ball. This will help you stay focused and build more discipline if that is something you struggle with.

If there is something else you are struggling with, let me know in the comments section or feel free to twee at me @robertoblake.


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  2. Lacey Akins says:

    I totally owned the domain for a year. I was thinking I might start a whole business with this type of idea in mind. Since then though, life has taken me in a new direction. But I have a few accountabilibuddies that keep me on track in different areas of my life.

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